Prices are subject to change, final price quotes from Eynon Surfboards will be provided to customer at time of order. Custom ordered boards will be shaped after customer agrees to quoted price. Custom boards require a 30% deposit and a 30-day turn around time.

  • Prices below are without custom graphics or color
  • $30.00 Extra for color
  • $50.00 Extra for gloss and polish
Board Type Description Price



Longboard designs are based on intended use, flat nose rocker and full rails for nose riding while performance long boards have flip in the nose and smaller down rails for top to bottom surfing.

Shortboard Shortboard

Short board designs are based on type of surf, wider outlines for medium or unorganized surf and narrower outlines for heavy barreling waves.
Funboard Fun Board

Fun boards are good for beginners. They provide easy control and good paddle ability.
Fish Fish

Fish designs are for short boarders who want to keep their speed up in mellow soft or smaller waves, this provides the ability to do big moves in smaller surf.

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